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FX Crown Blue Laminate

{Description}The FX Crown will slide into your hands and immediately feel like a favorite rifle you’ve owned your whole life. It feels familiar as soon as you pick it up. The thumbhole Blue Laminate Minelli stock is ambidextrous and perfectly shaped for comfort and hold.

The Crown features all the adjustments that have made the FX Impact such a desirable rifle, including: externally adjustable regulator, adjustable power wheel & hammer spring, adjustable transfer port, removable 480cc carbon fiber tank, dual air pressure gauges (one showing the regulator pressure, one the tank pressure), and of course interchangeable barrels so you can swap calibers.
The FX Crown however, takes barrel swapping to the next level with the new FX Smooth Twist X barrel system. The Smooth Twist X barrels offers the ability to change out the actual barrel liner to easily switch not only caliber, but twist rates as well, meaning you can cater the barrel design and twist rate to all different types of pellet shapes and sizes.

Blue laminate FX Crown Features:

* Ambidextrous thumbhole blue laminate stock
* Side cocking lever action
* FX Smooth Twist X barrel system
* Interchangeable barrel calibers and barrel liners (additional calibers and liners sold separately)
* Externally adjustable pressure regulator
* Hammerspring tension power adjuster
* Valve flow adjuster
* Two pressure gauges: one for airtube pressure, one for regulator pressure
* Removable 480cc carbon fiber air cylinder (Additional spare tanks sold separately)
* Max fill pressure is 250 bar (3600 psi)
* Removable high capacity rotary magazine
* Fully adjustable match trigger
* Dovetail scope rail
* Adjustable Buttpad

***Scope availale separately***
{Spec} Technical details for the FX Crown Synthetic:

Action Style: Rifle
Overall Weight: 3.2kg
Stock Options: Black Synthetic
Overall Length: 980mm
Barrel Length: 480mm
Calibre Options: .177 / .22
Shot Count: .177 = 550+ / .22 = 700+
Muzzle Energy: 16j (12ftlbs)
{Delivery} Rifles can be collected direct from our showroom in Barnsley, South Yorkshire or delivered to your nearest RFD (Registered Firearms Dealer) for collection. Rifles and silencers cannot be shipped to a private residential address.