Hawke Frontier 30 5-30 x 50 SF LR Dot ScopeHawke Frontier 30 5-30 x 50 LR DotHawke Frontier 30 5-30 x 50 LR Dot DetailsHawke Frontier 30 5-30 x 50 LR Dot Scope

Hawke Frontier 30 5-30 x 50 SF LR Dot Scope

{Description}The hallmark of the Hawke Frontier line is the precision optical system. Index matched lenses set this scopes optical system apart from the competition, offering exceptional clarity throughout the field of view.

The LR Dot reticle was developed around a typical centrefire trajectory, like the .308 Winchester round, which is popular around the world for shooting fairly large game. It also suits some of the faster bullets that might be used for hunting foxes and similar quarry.

This design also makes it suitable for European shooters who might prefer a metric set of figures and therefore to zero their rifle in for 100 metres on the centre crosshair and use the lower aim points for 200, 300, 400 and 500 metres. A useful tip: at 16× magnification, the thick posts to the right and left of the centre dot would bracket the body length of a Roe deer at 100yds; a popular sized animal to hunt with this type of reticle.
The rifle scope comes with; Screw in sun shade, elasticated lens cover, lens cloth, battery.

Technical details include:

* 21 layer Fully Multi-Coated 6x ratio optical system
* Side Focus control for parallax adjustment
* 30mm mono-tube chassis for superior strength
* Long eye relief for high recoil and magnum calibres
* Glass etched reticle with red illumination
* 6 levels of brightness with off positions in-between
* 1/10 MRAD exposed and locking turrets
* Fast focus eyebell and high torque zoom ring

{Specs} Technical information for the Hawke 30 5-30 x 50 SF LR Dot Scope include:

Chassis: 30mm Mono-tube
Optical System: 2.5-15>! Objective: 50mm !!<Reticle: LR Dot
Illumination: Red - 11 Levels
Focus/Parallax: Side Focus - 9m / 10yds to Infinity
Field of View: m @100m / ft @100yds14 - 2.3m / 42 - 6.9ft
Eye relief: 102mm / 4"
Length: 349mm / 13.7"
Weight: 663g / 23.4oz
Material: Aluminium
Exit Pupil: 20 - 3mm / 0.8 - 0.1"
Ocular Type: Fast Focus
Lens Coating: Fully Multi-Coated - 21 Layers
Power Selector Style: Rubber Coated Posi-Grip
Focal Plane: Second Focal Plane (SFP)
Warranty: Hawke Worldwide Warranty
Elevation Increment:1/4" @100yd
Elevation Adjustment Range:120 MOA
Windage Increment :1/4" @100yd
Windage Adjustment Range: 120 MOA
Turret Caps: YES
Turret Type: Low Profile

Waterproof, Shockproof, Nitrogen purged. All calibre rated.
{Delivery} This item is usually held in stock and dispatched within 1-2 business days. If for any reason it is out of stock we will notify you as soon as possible.