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Yukon Photon RT 4.5 x 45 Night Vision

{Description}This superior qualitu digital riflescope by Yokon is designed for use in twilight and full dark (can also be used in daytime without damaging the scope). The rifle scope boasts a digital zoom which increases the standard mag by 2x, in addition to this is the new and improved camera resolution which provides a much crisper image than the previous model for safer shots.

The Yokon Photon RT now uses 4 x AA batteries in a quick release pack which increases the runtime to around 3.5 hours per set of batteries. An external power supply can be used to significantly increase the runtime on the riflescope.

The Photon RT makes use of the Android compatible Stream Vision app, this device connects via Wi-Fi to allow transfer of images and video to smartphones and other wireless devices in real time, stream footage to Youtube and other online video platforms, and even use your personal device as a wireless remote control.

Features include:

* High night time sensitivity
* Variable magnification 4.5 /9 x
* Shock resistant for heavy calibers
* Mounting on weapon with standard 30 mm rings
* Integrated video recorder
* User selectable reticles: 6 shapes, 3 colours
* Integration with iOS and Android devices
* Remote review and operation using smartphone
* Recording and live YouTube streaming
* Moisture protected (IPX5)
* Quick-change power supply
* Daytime operation possible
* Software Evolution Support
* Display off

{Spec} Technical details for the Yukon Photon RT 6 x 50 Night Vision include:

Generation: Digital
Range of Detection: 200m
Camera Resolution: CMOS 768 x 576
Display: LCD 640 x 480
Dimensions: 421 x 100 x 92mm
Magnification: 4.5x
Digital Zoom: 2x (9x)
Built in IR: Yes
Lens: 42mm
Eye Relief: 70mm
Battery: 4 x AA
Runtime: 3.5hrs (average using 4 x AA)
External Power Supply: 5V
Waterproof: IPX5

Comes with:

* Carrying Case
* USB Cable
* Spare Battery Container
* Battery Container Pouch
* Cleaning cloth
* 3 Year warranty card
{Delivery} This item is usually held in stock and dispatched within 1-2 business days. If for any reason it is out of stock we will notifiy you as soon as possible.