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Brocock Compatto Sniper HR

{Description}No other airgun looks like it or performs like it. The carbine-length shortens the Compatto to just 34 inches (864mm) but retains a full length 18 inch (457mm) barrel and a 150cc air tube for maximum shots and power. Nothing has been left to chance from its high-tech polymer stock to an all metal 10 shot magazine.
The Sniper HR version also benefits from a Precision Huma Regulator to satisfy those shooters who seek a lightweight carbine that can perform to an even higher level than our original Compatto proved itself capable of doing. Matched to the Compatto’s patented, self-regulating valve system, the Sniper HR offers more shots per fill-up from its compact action and an even better velocity consistency that now spans the entire shot-count. In short, the Compatto Sniper HR delivers the ultimate in accuracy at the target
With a whole array of technical features including:

* Precharged from a dive cylinder or high pressure pump.
* Three power settings of low, medium and high.
* Removable self indexing 10 shot rotary magazine.
* Single Shot Tray.
* Synthetic ambidextrous stock.
* Slingshot hammer system.
* Two Stage trigger.
* Resettable safety catch.
* Full length, built in fully baffled silencer with adapter for second stage silence.
* Available up to 30 ft/lbs muzzle energy.

***Scope available separately***

{Spec} Techincal details for the Brocock Bantam Sniper HR include:

Action Style: Rifle
Overall Weight: From 3.1kg
Stock Options: Black
Overall Length: 864mm
Calibre Options: .177 / .22
Muzzle Energy: Up to 40lbs
{Delivery} Rifles can be collected direct from our showroom in Barnsley, South Yorkshire or delivered to your nearest RFD (Registered Firearms Dealer) for collection. Rifles and silencers cannot be shipped to a private residential address.