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Brocock Bantam Sniper HR Hi-Lite

{Description}The Brocock Bantam Sniper HR is quickly becoming the go-to air rifle of choice for airgun enthusiasts all over the World. Shooters love the handling of the rifle which is extremely familiar with that of a conventional rifle.
The Bantam is extremely short at just 864 mm (34 inches) but retains a full length 18 inch (457 mm) barrel. A full power rifle with a caliber producing up to 33 ft/lbs.
One of the most important changes to the original Bantam is the addition of a Huma Regulator which ensures every shot shoots at a consistent power, no matter the amount of air left in the system. What this means is the rifle itself is extremely consistent in both power and accuracy and will produce even tighter groupings than the already precise Bantam. The Bantam comes fitted with a Lothar Walther barrel that is match grade in terms of accuracy and the whole barrel comes fitted with a full length shroud which reduces muzzle noise to a whisper. The side lever action is incredibly smooth and makes this rifle ideal for serious target or field target shooters.
The Hi-Lite version comes with carbon fibre bottle.

***Scope available separately***

{Spec} Techincal details for the Brocock Bantam Sniper HR Hi-Lite include:

Action Style: Rifle
Overall Weight: From 2.9kg
Stock Options: Black
Overall Length: 864mm
Calibre Options: .177 / .22
Muzzle Energy: Up to 40lbs
{Delivery} Rifles can be collected direct from our showroom in Barnsley, South Yorkshire or delivered to your nearest RFD (Registered Firearms Dealer) for collection. Rifles and silencers cannot be shipped to a private residential address.