MTC Viper Pro 3-18 x 50 ScopeMTC Viper Pro Scope 3-18MTC Viper Pro 3-18 x 50 Scope - view 2

MTC Viper Pro 3-18 x 50 Scope

{Description}This revolutionary new rifle scope contains the superior and the most sophisticated turret design available on the market. The top turret contains a micro gearbox rotating at a 3-1 ratio. This means that three rotations of the top turret translates to a single rotation or the indicator drum making it much easier to know where you are in terms of rotations. Its turret ‘window’ shows a customisable ribbon that shows exactly the information you want from Mills to MOA – even yards or metres can be displayed.

The Small Calibre Ballistic (SCB) reticle offers an incredible number of aim points with a floating cross for clear and accurate target acquisition. Ideal for use on small targets, the 1 mil dot square around the cross gives a rapid acquisition for small fast moving targets such as rats. When shooting at small targets or when bullet drop becomes critical the versatility of this reticle becomes clear.

Technical details include:

* X6 times scopes to extend magnification range without sacrificing optical performance
* Super bright multi coated optics for a new standard of light transfer
* Patented magnetic, rotating flip-up lens covers
* Patented magnifying lens in rear cover for head-up display of turret markings
* Patented range ‘window’ on elevation turret
* ‘Smart’ range turret; geared to make up to 3 rotations of the turret relate to a single rotation of a customisable range display window
* Windage and elevation turret lock on Viper Pro Tactical
* Side parallax – 10 yds to infinity
* Illuminated reticle with separate on/off and brightness button
* Optional parallax sidewheel (100mm diameter)

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