Umarex Legends S25Umarex Legends S25Umarex Legends S25 Revolver

Umarex Legends S25

{Description}The nickel plated metal on the Legends S25 replica revolver gives a truly authentic appearance, as well as a heavy weight for a very realistic shooting experience.

Powered by a 12g Co2 capsule which is housed within the grip on the frame so you can't tell its an air pistol from the exterior appearance. The cylinder which holds the metal shells is full metal, and revolves just like the real thing on each cock of the hammer.

The trigger can either be repeatedly pulled to fire off the 6 shots as quickly as possible, or the hammer cocked, then the trigger pulled for a lighter and more precise trigger feel.

{Spec} Technical details for the Legend S25 revolver include:

Caliber 4,5 mm (.177) Pellet
Power Source CO2
Magazine capacity 6 shot(s)
Safety manual
Sights Adjustable rear sight
Length 210 mm
Barrel length 70 mm/b>
Weight 855 g
Velocity 115 m/s
Trigger Double Action
Energy 2,8 Joule(s)
{Delivery} Pistols can be collected direct from our showroom in Barnsley, South Yorkshire or delivered to your nearest RFD (Registered Firearms Dealer) for collection. Pistols and silencers cannot be shipped to a private residential address.