Walther EPS3 Dot SightWalther EPS3 Dot SightWalther EPS3 Dot Sight Magnifier

Walther EPS3 Dot Sight

{Description}The Walther Evolution Point Sight 3 has a finely adjustable red dot with a diameter of 4 MOA. However this fine piece of equipment is more that just a red dot sight, it is a complete set consisting of sights and 3-point magnifier in a sturdypolymer outer.

Another additional feature is the offset mount which significantly increases the adjustment range on the mounting rail.

Additional details include:

* Length: 138 115 mm
* Weight: 295 393 g
* Magnification: 3-power magnifier
* Reticle: Dot 4 MOA
* Mount: Picatinny / Weaver
* Special feature: brightness adjustable in 7 settings
{Delivery} This item is usually held in stock and shipped within 1-2 business days. If for any reason it is out of stock we will let you know ASAP.
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