Weihrauch HW35K

Weihrauch HW35K

{Description}The original Weihrauch HW35 was original produced over 60 years ago, making it the oldest spring powered air rifle still in production today. Almost identical to the original, but with some slight tweaks over the years to make it more consistent, accurate, and powerful to keep up with newer technology.

The break barrel action features a locking mechanism which ensures that the barrel is positively locked in the correct position before each shot, thus maximising accuracy and consistency, and with a Weihrauch precision rifled steel barrel the precision is second to none.

The stock is a Beech sporter with a raised cheek piece to the right hand side, and a contoured rubber butt pad which fits nicely into the shoulder.

Open sights are included as standard, and the rifle has a 9-11mm rail to mount additional optics.

***Scope not included***

{Spec} Technical details for the Weihrauch HW35K:

Action Style: Carbine
Overall Weight: 3.8kg
Stock Options: Beech
Overall Length: 1050mm
Barrel Length: 410mm
Calibre Options: .177 / .22
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